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Speaking Politely 

This is a song we did for a previous semester and now this is the version we’ll be putting on the album. 

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Here’s our newest recording. It’s called ”Way Out”.

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Title: Seventeen

Here’s a new recording: cover+original=co-riginal. It’s essentially not mixed at this point so feed back is helpful.

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Week 7 Rain Over Downtown  June  14, 2010

Here’s a new one. I started it a couple months ago, but we’re still trying to find out what it’s supposed to do structurally.

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Silver Jews Starlite Walker Cover

Sleepy Kitty’s piece this week is a cover we’ve been doing in our live set. The song is New Orleans from the Silver Jews album “Starlite Walker”. It’s one of our favorite albums. Hope you enjoy.

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Hi there,

Here’s the new SK jam. It’s half done. We’ll be doing a version with a second verse and drums and Evan vocals soon too. It’s called Maybe right now, but that could change.


Sleepy Kitty

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Sleepy Kitty’s piece this week is an initial sketch of well founded paranoia going by the name “How Many Times”. Can’t wait to listen to everyone’s music!


Sleepy Kitty

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Our piece is called Cherokee People

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Batman: The Ride 

When they built Batman: The Ride all the kids got in line.

I waited two hours, at least, just to get inside Gotham City at night.

But O, Gotham City at night.

Lo, Gotham City at night.

I turned the first corner and got behind the wall.

I saw graffiti and a police car, but that wasn’t all.

The line kept going right up the stairs. 

Would I get to ride Batman? Would I ever get there tonight?

It’s Gotham City: The Line! 

They take your picture at the end of you and your friend screaming at the top of your lungs at the top of the peak. You’ve lost both your shoes. You can see your feet. Your glasses are off. They’re safe in a bag in your chaperone’s locker.

It’s time to get on the bus now. I’m gonna turn this bus around! We’re going back to Gotham. Baby, put your tights on tonight! It’s Gotham City at night.